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On average students here complete their first 18 month book in 10-12....

About the lessons

We ensure that learning the piano isn't a struggle

A sad fact about many music lesson programmes is that too many kids and teens quit early on.  They love music  but lose interest when presented week after week with outdated teaching practices.

When this happens tension  builds up within the household around ‘practice’ which is often  exacerbated through a busy family schedule.  You will then ponder “Are lessons really worthwhile?”

Too often lessons become something which is tried for a while before motivation is lost for good. Statements like “It was just another fad” or “she stopped because she was bored just playing the same three exam pieces all year” are unfortunately all too common. 

Our core mission here is to avoid that!….

Oliver playing Oltremare by Einaudi
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Watch our 2nd year student Oliver play Oltremare by Einaudi. Olivers recent accomplishments include providing all music for his Auntie's wedding!

Bartek playing Portz Goret
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Watch our student Bartek play Portz Goret by Yann Tiersen. This at one of our twice annual showcase in front of a 100 strong audience!

Our Approach

Making learning music fun and easy

The first and foremost objective of lessons here is to remove these ‘barriers’ to success – this above all else  is why families keep coming back here.

Kids and teens here aren’t stuck and getting  bored playing the same old songs week after week. They learn and master 3-6 pages of new music every single week from the beginning! There is a constant sense of forward ‘momentum’. 

This is why students leave the lesson excited  to tell their parents how many songs they’ve completed each week!



"Every other activity we tried she very quickly given up and this has been the one activity she has really excelled at. She actually looks forward to it every week"

Our Accelerated Piano Program is designed to make learning music feel easy!

  • Within 2-3 weeks of starting students are able to piece together then play a new song with both their hands within minutes. The method here doesn’t just teach kids and teens the music before sending them off to get it right at home.. It also teaches them how to  ‘practice’- This is imperative if students are to make constant forward progress.

What’s more, there is the time to fully apply this during the 1 hour lesson itself under expert instruction. 

As such the first 180 or so songs, covering classical and modern styles,  for the 1st year are all learnt entirely at the lesson each week. 

There is no other music studio near us which does this.   So don’t picture practice creating tension within your household.  This means at home your child will simply be rehearsing what they already know.  No confusion! 

This lets them actually enjoy playing music.

For example, normally shy children taking the onus upon themselves to organise mini concerts in front of their families with the latest 5 songs they have mastered.

And, after completing this much music just imagine the sight-reading ability they develop. This is the no 1 skill students need to learn new music fast!

Within 18 months from being a total beginner it’s not unusual for students to be bringing in their favourite pieces to perfect.  At this stage students are presented with a list to choose from.

This includes potentially 100s of  songs  including: 

  • Recent chart hits
  • Coldplay
  • Adel
  • Elton John 
  • Frank Sinatra
  • Not so recent pop hits that they want to learn for their parents or Grandparent. 
  • Classical music that students actually enjoy!…  

There are students here who have played for 2 hours or more at their relatives wedding with this much repertoire. 

Students who have previously self taught on YouTube are surprised at the ease of their transition here. 

A refreshing and innovative approach to piano lessons

"Isla has learnt all her grade one piano exam repertoire in a couple of months. This is very different to my experience as a child! No more sitting for 6 or more months playing the same tunes."

A calming, inclusive environment

Rather than mean and demanding, the teaching here is  friendly and entirely supportive of a range of personalities. 

Due to our format, your child won’t feel under pressure when playing in front of the teacher.  This is the case whether they are introverted or perhaps a little questioning of their abilities..






“It was crucial to find a teacher Thomas would gel with. This was really important because Thomas is reserved by nature. It proved to be the correct choice because he is now thriving. It is a treat for us to hear him play all these pieces at home …”

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Students are engaged with fresh music every single wk. Crucially, they learn and MASTER this at the lesson itself. At home, they play what they already know.

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2 student recitals a year. Participating students here find their confidence can rocket once they’ve played the Grand Piano in front of a 100 strong audience.

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Because of our innovative approach to sightreading, participating students here learn their exam pieces in weeks not months!

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Busy family life? "I don't know if I can fit this in with my work and all the other activities?" Worry not! Families here enjoy the ease of our interactive calendar.

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What's more?... if you can't make it along in person some weeks you will have the option to attend online. This is the ULTIMATE in flexibility.

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