Piano teacher jobs

No vacancies just now but we are always on the lookout for teachers who connect with our vision.

We are a very rapidly growing piano school

Refreshing and innovative approach to piano lessons...

Livingston Piano lessons (Est 2011) is a rapidly growing  piano school. By far the largest piano school in West lothian, we receive lesson enquiries most days of the week from families throughout West Lothian and West Edinburgh. 

 Our core mission is that kids and teens reach their full potential with piano and enjoy all the multiple benefits in the process. Our friendly programme is built around this. For example:

  • Students learn and master their songs at the lesson itself meaning we can redefine what ‘home practice’ is. I.E, Students are motivated to play what they have already learnt at home as opposed to being set a series of tasks.
  • We believe very strongly in ‘intrinsic motivation’. Students tend to leave the small class excited to tell their parents how many songs they have learnt each week. This increases confidence and keeps them coming back!
  • We believe Performance ability is the true test of any musician. Our programme’s emphasis on ‘repertoire acquisition’ stands testament to that.

In depth

Our approach in more detail...


The system we use has been shown to rapidly accelerate progress amongst our student base. For example, students typically complete their book series significantly faster than the average time suggested by the publisher.  Students catch on to this constant sense of forward momentum. Week in, week  out they tend to leave the small class excited to tell their parents how many pieces they have mastered that day. This sense of achievement is highly motivating for us teachers to witness! 

Best of all, this result isn’t arrived at by teachers using tactics, incentives, or a strict manner to enforce lots of home practice. Students here practice in real time with us at the 1 hour lesson itself. We teach them the skills they need to take ownership of their own results. Indeed, one of our guiding philosophies is that through our programme,  students should become very successful independent learners. This surely gets straight to the heart of what good teaching is about. We empower our students.     


In my experience if  you’ve ever taught one to one lessons you may resonate with the following: 

  • There can be too much time spent just watching students trying to piece together what you have just taught them. 
  • Oftentimes, a sense that students are too reliant on you..sometimes to the point where it feels you are almost doing all the work for them..
  • Frustration can often mount due to a lack of home practice….. Such scenarios are often mentally draining for teachers. Wouldn’t it be nice to teach using a system which frees your headspace? Teachers using this system find the approach liberating as the key frustrations teachers often feel are greatly abated. 
A female student having a lesson


We live in an age where we are bombarded with more information all the time. For example, the latest teaching philosophies, the latest music teaching app, the latest theme filled games which you simply must do with your students!, another blogger’s perspective on how to teach ‘creativity’……… 

At the heart of our model is a sense of ‘simplicity’. Yes, we use some supplementary apps and occasional games but at its core, we know how to get great results from students.  Continuous ‘repertoire acquisition’ and the week to week mastery of new concepts is a very tangible ‘results’ indicator. This is as true to parents as it is to students and us teachers. 

An easy to implement system:

  • We have an extensive, but easy to follow step by step system for teachers. You won’t be expected to spend time coming up with a ‘custom’ plan for each student……what was it I was saying about freeing ‘mental headspace’…..   


  • Once you have the system firmly in place we find teaching to be largely enjoyable, mentally freeing and often quite relaxing. Where there are problems, you will have a very knowledgeable team who will support you each step of the way. 


  • We pay for teachers 17 hours of training over the 1st 3 weeks. This consists of a mixture of online learning which can be done flexibly, in person observations/ involvement in teaching and virtual meetings with the  studio owner which will be arranged at a mutually convenient time.


  • There is also ongoing support and mentorship by means of 2 monthly virtual meetings most months. These are scheduled at a convenient time for everyone. Teachers here are supported to make this a complete success!

Qualities we look for in teachers:

  • It should excite you to learn new teaching methods that create a bigger impact with students! You should possess a  positive mindset towards what is possible out width the traditionally accepted norms. 


  •  You should enjoy delivering lessons which have ‘practical application’ as a core value!- Does it ignite your passion to see students making quick wins? Us too! In addition, we believe in teaching new concepts concisely….We want to empower students, not promote overdependence on the teacher- Does this resonate with you? 


  • You should naturally possess lots of patience- students here feel completely relaxed in our presence. Can you get a student to feel completely at ease within the first few minutes? We enjoy building relationships here and helping families further connect to our vision.  Do you have an interest in getting to know your students? 


  • You should be calm but open with us in discussing any difficulties  you face in this role. Rather than dwelling on anything which has gone wrong, we believe in calmly identifying the best solution to rectify and moving forward with purpose. You should feel able to problem-solve quickly- If a student doesn’t understand one explanation, how seamlessly can you come up with another? 


  • Are you naturally very organised and can follow set systems? We find this makes working here more enjoyable for everyone! Reliability is crucial for this role. Our programme is currently designed only for kids (From ages 6) and teens. Do you enjoy working with both these age groups?   


  • Preferably you will have attained a BA in music or are currently working towards.


Our studio is very conveniently located at 5 Newyearfield business units, Livingston, EH546TW. 

This is 15 mins drive from J1 of the M8 at Hermiston Gait

20 mins or less on very regular trains from Haymarket and 15 mins or less from Edinburgh Park. 

Teachers here are welcome to use facilities in the studio– (Digital pianos, Computer and Wifi) out width their teaching hours.

Hours and days:

Various- Including evenings and weekends. 

We are always on the lookout for the best teachers to join our small and friendly team. If you think you’d be interested in joining us we’d love to hear from you!


Benefits of working here:



£16.50 per hour during 3 weeks initial training. This covers 17 hours. 

Following successful training period pay is £27-£32.50 per 1 hour class. 

You are also paid at a rate of £20 per hour for any meetings and admin time required. These meetings are held through zoom and are scheduled at a mutually convenient time. I.E, you choose days and times on a digital calendar which work for you.